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Take your health into... your own hands!!!

Have you taken steps to help build your immune system up & take your health into your own hands?!???

You need to start if you already haven't... starting point : Take Vitamin C, Vitamin D-3 and Zinc to start. NOT an over the counter store shelf brand either- but if thats what you have for now fine but switch up to a better quality brand asap. It will be more beneficial, more cost effective in the long run because of the ingredients. Store brands have too many ingredients that do more harm than good. You get what you pay for and don't think a good quality supplement needs to break the bank because it doesn't!

Did you know many of us are deficient in more than one vitamin and/or mineral thru-out our lifetime so there may be others that may be good for what your body needs too... But these 3 are a good starting point for those looking to take control. Did you know we all carry viruses within us and until your immune takes a crap you'll be fine. But lets not work on the immune system everyday, huh?!!

Did you know if you are deficient in any one of these, especially the Zinc, your chances of catching a virus or even the common cold are greatly increased!! While many of you may already take vitamins and supplements as a way to enhance your diet and/or immune support, most lack the information necessary to reap the full health benefits from their supplement regimine.

And for those not supplementing The first step to better health is for YOU to take that first step.

Don't blame others for your lack of taking responsibility for your own health!

I can share and speak truths till I am blue in the face, some of ya'll will listen, others will read n take it in but aren't quite sure what to do with it yet, some need visuals, others research for themselves, but regardless which of these you are, do not blame your health and immunity or lack of, on anyone else!

Take your health into your own hands!

Sorry, not sorry but the blame game has to stop. Stop being a little whiner & not doing anything about it for yourself has to stop, going around doing & saying but not walking to talk has to stop, complaining about any of it and not doing something about it will not change it, being feaful should stop but I know it won't and I honestly do understand that so, do what you feel is best for you, But don't push your fears and what you believe is right based on gov't say so, and those in positions that are non-elected and serve the people are only following guidelines sent down to them by those that have little to no clue!

How's the immune system work- is a question I would ask of them... because not one of them have offered a smidgen on how to take care ot if!

Once again, Mandates are Not law. Everything out there is suggestions and guidlelines! Much if not all of what they are doing is unlawful. But we won't get into that just yet-but I may include a link or two.

Lockdowns work; Show me the science!! Everyone s/b tested; Show me the science!! Those that say Herd Immunity is another word for mass murder- Horseshit!! Show me the science!! Vaccine is better than Natural Immunity; Show me the science! You do not obtain natural immunity from a syringe! Show me the science!!! Show me the medical back up to prove any of this... you can't! But I'll wait... Show me

and here is a great question for some of you...

Has one, just one of those setting mandates or guidlelines yet offered how to build up your immunity besides wear a mask, social distance, testing, and quarantining?? Have they? Have they told you to eat healthy, have they told you if you smoke or vape your % of contracting anything goes up, have they told you to get fresh air, that you should take certain supplements that are proven to build up immunity and one inparticular even proliferate viruses?? Have they?!???

Simple If you are sick stay home! Get tested if you feel neccessary.

Everyone s/b taking Zinc, Vitamin D-3 and Vitamin C and Quercetin which comes from polyphenols! Eat healthier. If you are asymptomatic ~which means healthy, live your life. Use common sense! By locking down, keeping those who are asymptomatic in quaratine is not the answer and they have proven studies on this now!!

Someone who does not have symptoms of COVID-19 is “asymptomatic”. Here’s what the technical lead scientist from WHO is saying in a nutshell:

1. It is very rare for an asymptomatic person to pass on the virus. (That will be most us.)

2. We should focus on those who have symptoms. By doing so, we can drastically reduce transmission.

In my understandingfrom their statment and my own studies in regards to all this, means that we just needed to quarantine people who are showing signs of COVID-19 to bring it under control. No lockdown needed. No businesses needed to shut.

All those suicides. The Surge in domestic violence. Depression. Marriage breakdowns. Massive job losses. Devastated economies.ALL unnecessary. and this is just to name a few of the short and long term effects of these mandates, again NOT law!

We have to keep in mind viruses mutate just like the flu. This is why there is a constant change and additions they are making for vaccines. Not one vaccine can cover all the variations of flu, covid or any other virus for that matter. This is why Natural Community (Herd) immunity is so important.

Here is some info on dosing supplements I have mentioned. Keep in mind we all are unique bio individuals and all require different amounts but this is a base line to start until you know your levels based on blood test:

ADULT Preventative - No Symptoms and haven't been exposed:

Vitamin C: 2000-10,000 iu daily

Vitamin D-3: 10,000.00 iu daily

Zinc: 20-30 mg daily

Quercetin: You can obtain in a multi vitamin or quercetin on its own 250mg 3x daily. I personally use XFactor multi vitamin, which I carry.

Optional to add ~ I'd suggest making it a normal daily routine:

Fish Oil: 5000mg

Probiotic: 25 billion CFUs daily

Info on tittering bowel tolerance:

ADULT Active infection - Symptoms in place or you feel them coming on:

Vitamin C: Dose daily to bowel tolerance. Start with 2000iu every hr for first three hrs then 1000mg hourly till bowel tolerance. Daily meaning thru out day, 24hr period, not all at once- if you do all at once you will be in the bathroom! Once you find your tolerance level which includes loose bowels, belly gurgling, gassy, bloating... back down dose just a bit and stay with that dosing for 7-10 days. Then go back to Preventative dosing.

Vitamin D-3: Double preventative dosing for 7 days then go back to Preventative dosing.

Zinc: 60 mg daily for 7-10 days then back down to Preventative dosing.

Quercetin: Double preventative dosing for 7-10 days.

Nebulizer: for 7-10 days,

INCREASE water intake for both

Try not to lay on back so fluid doesnt accumulate in lungs.

Try to get up and walk around at least for 15 minutes every two hrs regardless how you feel-Moving around and not laying still helps!

Dandelion Tea 2-4 cups daily helps the lungs fight infection.

Bonebroth daily 2 cups helps

Optional to add ~ I'd suggest making it a normal daily routine:

Fish Oil: 5000mg

Probiotic: 25 billion CFUs twice daily

Dosing is for pregnant women too. Check the prenatal for vitamin and mineral amounts before adding additional supplements

Children under 2 consult your primary care. Over 2 yrs of age:

Child Preventative:

Vitamin C: 250-500mg twice daily

Vitamin D-3: 500-3000iu daily

Zinc: 10-15mg daily

Quercetin: 200-500mg daily

INCREASE Water intake for both

Optional to add-now or make into daily routine:

Fish Oil: 500-3000mg daily

Probiotic: minimum 25 billion CFUs daily

Child- Active Symptoms:

Vitamin C: 250-500mg hourly till bowel tolerance for 7 days

Vitamin D-3: Sliding Scale but Please check with your physician. I tell my clients the following. 2yo to 4yo - 1000iu daily. 4yo to 8yo - 1500iu daily. 8yo to 12yo - 2000iu daily. 12yo-16yo - 2500iu daily. 16yo and older 3000iu daily. Zinc: 10-15mg twice daily

Quercetin: 500mg daily for 7 days then back to preventative dosing

Optional to add or make into daily preventative routine:

Fish Oil 500-3000mg daily

Probiotic: minimum 25 billion CFUs once daily no symptoms or twice daily with symptoms

Try not to let the child lay on back for extended periods of time so fluid doesnt accumulate in lungs.

Try to get child up and walk around at least for 15 minutes every few hrs regardless how they feel-Moving around and not staying still helps.

Dandelion Tea 2-4 cups daily helps the lungs fight infection. Use (manuka) honey as sweetener.

Epsom salt baths.

If needed, Tylenol (but it's best to let a fever run its course-it means the body is fighting the virus- unless the fever gets too high of course then give tylenol and contact dr.)

Bone broth daily 1 cup helps

I carry all the supplements mentioned above or I can offer a few brand names if you would rather (but try Not to buy over the counter brand names, or off shelves from big brand name stores)~ just reach out for names of brands to look for. You get what you pay for and you should read ingredients lables- Yes, even on supplements!! Email, text or call. If you have any questions or concerns with dosing please do not hesitate to reach out.

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