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Balance your body Balance your life

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Long blog, short personal story, all blended to share the benefits of Reiki ~

When I first began my journey into Reiki, I never would have thought I'd take it to the top level. Becoming a Reiki Master has been one of the most beneficial fields for myself and my clients. It is one of those holistic fields that became very personal for me during my journey and I wanted others to experience it as well - hence becoming a Reiki Master.

Being transparent in the holistic realm of medicine I think brings a better understanding to each modality a healer uses. My transparency is sharing my personal experiences. I find clients feel the same way I once did when it comes to the homeopathic realm of medicine within all fields especially energy, Reiki. For me, I speak from personal experience and I think others can relate more this way. ( I do not speak for other Reiki practitioners). I feel Reiki is a one on one personal experience with the individual and not one to be put on display. Hence my reasoning for backing out of one or two vending shows that wanted to put it on display. It is one thing talking about Reiki and it is another to experience it. It should be an experience that one can feel comfortable, secure. It is to create a positive mental state.

I want to reduce stress and promote healing.

One should not feel like they are in a display window for all to see-it is a personal private experience, I can't say that enough! The last thing we need is it to be taken lightly as a traveling circus show-because I feel if it presented in that manner that is how people will interpret it. It is bad enough Reiki is associated with a spirituality that conflicts with some belief systems. I do not want it to be seen or taken as such,

To those that want to question what I do within the healing realm while being a Minister... THIS is what I say: I try to communicate all that I've learned and share thru the avenues available including my Ministry. I do not question my faith or life's journey. My Doctrine of my Ministry is that we "Do what is right, live fruitful lives, be true to ourselves and the God each of us worship, while causing no harm to others, and accept the individual's right to worship as they see fit within the laws of their respective countries."

Although I do have my own personal beliefs, I hold fast to the truth of accepting the rights of all to follow their own personal beliefs, Practicing Universal Ministry and having my Doctorate in Ministry helps me to uphold your right to your beliefs not only in religion but in holistic medicine.

With this being said let me explain more about Reiki for those wanting to learn:

Reiki: It’s a form of energy healing that dates back to the late 19 Century, yet its benefits can easily apply to the modern world.

Reiki is a Japanese form of spiritual healing. Reiki, which means “spiritually guided life force energy,” is where a reiki teacher transfers that energy to you, helping to replenish and restore you — mind, body, and spirit. Basically, you lie on a table and I hover my hands over you, shooting universal energy into you.

Okay, so you see and or hear this and some would say, "Sound the skeptic alarm, because I couldn’t fathom how reiki could possibly help me."... well it can, it does.

There is so much to a Reiki session!

The seven chakras run from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Each of these chakras has its own unique purpose and vibrational frequency that helps keep you healthy and balanced. They are the main energy centers of the body. When all our chakras are open, energy runs through them freely, and harmony exists between the physical body, mind = and spirit.

In my sessions I will ask you to lie down on a bodywork table, basically in Shavasana pose, (you lie down on your back and relax your body and mind so you may fully take in the benefits) while I guide you through about 15 minutes of “cleansing” circular breathing. All you need to do is close your eyes and surrender to the experience. At first, one may feel slightly silly. But then, just a few minutes the more you feel your breath, the more time seems to unravel, a tingling sensation may run across the face and down the arms. The purpose of the breathing: To cleanse your energy, so you'll be ready to receive all that life force energy. Some fall asleep during sessions, and that’s okay. Many times I play soothing music as I work with your energy. Some practitioners place their hands on the body, while others hold them just above as I do. I focus on your chakras, to make sure the energy there is flowing. I will ask you to return to your normal breathing thru the session. Each session is performed based on the individual. Many sessions, I use tuning forks. Some I use warmed rocks. Some I use crystals, Some I have specific oils and incense burning, others none. Some are hands on but most hands off. Some require a sage cleanse others do not. It is all based on YOU. A session normally runs one hour, give or take. (And, Yes, I am Certified or Licensed in everything I use in my sessions.)

Once completed depending on you, the individual, you'll have different sensations. Some feel woozy, some like they just woken up from a 2-day hibernation. But you'll feel relaxed yet energized — but not a ‘two cups of coffee’ kind of energy. A quiet, easy energy. I would call it a sense of what peace feels like!

I speak from experience-I've been there, remember... I have gone through what most of my clients have in sessions and then some, after each level of training - including as a master. Honestly, I still have some clients that still don’t quite understand how, energy healing, reiki works. Some wonder if they've been enjoying a tranquil placebo effect. Some may fight their inner over-thinking skills on doing hours of research on the practice. But when they come back for another session even after not understanding it, I know they've given in that just maybe the beauty of reiki is that it’s forced to suspend their disbelief. There is always more to the universe than what we see.

It is about healing. Healing body, mind, and spirit.

We have seven chakras. Each chakras represents specific aspects of the conscious being. They all have their main function, affected body part(s), characteristics and imbalances.

Here are the base of positions, colors and functions:

Root- Red

Function: Grounds you physically

Sacral- Orange

Function: Deals with creativity, sexuality, and emotions

Solar Plexus- Yellow

Function: Intellect and is known as the seat of personal power

Heart- Green

Function: Bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds; center of emotional well-being & love

Throat- Blue

Function: Communication and mental creativity

Third Eye- Indigo

Function: Intuition and clairvoyance; ability to visualize and manifest

Crown- Violet

Function: Direct connection to spirit

By placing the hands over the corresponding seven major chakra centers that are experiencing any imbalances and performing Reiki, these centers can be rebalanced leading to better health.

Body parts associated to each is a whole other area to explore, so if you're interested reach out.

Reiki can be done long distance, too. These sessions can be done in a number of ways, and as a practitioner, I send healing to you. How you receive the energy depends on you. I always follow up a session by email explaining experienced with the energy and you can then verify any sensations you were feeling. Many times I have long distance requests that they are not looking for any explanation just the help and positive energies to get them thru a given situation. There are many ways energy works.

One needs to be open to the possibilities.

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