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Kelly Elizabeth dba The Local Apothecary

Products available will be updated, here. under the Blog section.

For those not aware I accept payments via > Venmo for product(s) and all healing modalities. Venmo is listed as Kelly Elizabeth Holistic Healer @ KellyElizabethHHP1475

IF you prefer another means of payment, I will work with you so please reach out and I will try to accommodate you.

If I am running SALE(s), they will be listed in one or all of a few places I post socially: On one of my FB pages, here, on Twitter, or on Instagram.

Pic's to follow-or pm me for item(s) interested in.

Currently I have a few of each of the following available and will put a more detailed description below next to pics as I post them: Handmade Bar Soaps, Trimming Bits n Curls Soap bags, Soap Accessories such as Sisal bags, Soap saver bags, and Bamboo soap trays, Bath Salt Vials, Beard Oils and Bamboo Beard combs, Moon Water -pba free plastic mason jars. More than Four Thieves Vinegar - glass mason jars, Bamboo Salt jars, Bamboo facial mists, Essential Oil facial mists. Boo Boo creams which are on sale because I am creating a new version into a salve instead of lotion.

***Bar soaps:

Left to right: All w/ medicinal benefits and added benefits with herbs and particular essential oils added to all.

Rehydrating & Soothing>>>

Ocean Mist with sea sponge w/activated charcoal, castor & aloe.

Moisturizing and blemish control>>>

Strawberry shortcake w/ shea butter, goats milk, and castor oil. Bar and bag of guest soap sizes available.

Tones & fights aging>>>

Patchouli Lime with super greens, aloe and herbs.


(top-circular) Matcha Lemongrass Oats w/ castor, shea butter, spirulina, act charcoal

Hydrating & Soothing>>>

(bottom) Lavender Honey w/ with rose and geranium.

Cleansing & Exfoliating>>>

Coffee n cream Blend- goats milk, coffee, activated charcoal.

TOO many benefits to list>>>

CBD infused w/ activated charcoal. Bars and guest soap bags available.

(not shown) Vegan bars>>>

- all made with clays, coconut milk, avocado oil, colloidal oatmeal & essential oils.

I try to always have free samplers of all scents made in bars-just let me know

* Trimming, Bits n Curls:

Don't you hate throwing out those little pieces of soap left in the shower? Well, I don't let those little pieces go to waste...I use soap bags which I have available for sale along with 100% Sisal bags which are plant based and biodegradable. (not pictured) which are the 'bomb', just saying! For only $5.00

...and these above are Soap bags I make by using all the leftover trimmings from all the soaps

Try a Soap Bag filled with trimmings, bits and curls of leftover handmade soaps all bundled together with a mix of fragrance and medicinal benefits. Just wet the bag and scrub away. Hang to dry. Duel purpose- the organza bag acts as an exfolliant. If you prefer a Sisal bag for bathing, I will do a combo price of soap trimmings and sisal bag to save you money.

You can also use them dry as a sachet. Tuck them in an rv, your car, linen closet, inside winter boots and clothes. You can also toss a small handful in a bath.

I love using the small ones in our rv cabinets and the larger ones for camping when using the campsite showers. Lot easier than bars and clumsy store bottles made with all kinds of toxic ingredients. Give a Trimming Bits n Curls bag a try today. These are a big seller so I always make LOTS of them!!

*Bath Salt Vials: You can easily get 1-3 baths with one vial. Simply pour the amount you want under warm to hot running bath water. I have several scents. All made with Magnesium minerals, Epsom salts or Himalayan salt, pure Baking soda and of course essential oils. Each with medicinal purposes. (not pictured yet)

* Ylang Ylang and Yarrow

*Chamomile, Lavender and Minty herbs

*Wheat grass, Spirulina and Mints

*Sweet orange, menthol crystals and Bergamot

*Salt Facial Mists: Designed to use day or night OR for that daily refreshing mist for those needing it. Facial mists are designed to seal in an extra layer of hydration, improve absorption of moisturizer, refresh tired complexions, reduce redness and improve makeup application. Can be misted directly on the skin or onto a cotton round and simply swipe across your skin. Made with different types of salts. Each having their own medicinal benefits. Bamboo, Himalayan and Sea salts, (not pictured)

*Essential Oil Facial Mists: Enjoy the aromatherapy benefits with an eo face mist. Improves skin appearance without toxic ingredients. Gives a boost of antioxidants too! I have three types available at this time- Invigorating, Soothing, and Relaxation. With and w/out crystals. If you know crystals you'll understand the added benefits to this. Best to use any of these after cleansing the skin/face, (not pictured)

Made to order items, Specialty baskets, and Gift Certificates are available.

While you're here, join my mailing list, so not to miss anything. From new write ups to sales on products and up n coming events. Not only vendor shows but events I may hold at my home, in the woods, among nature, and in small group settings.

All products made by me in The Local Apothecary are made from the purest of ingredients, I will either grow, make or obtain from sourcing's from as local as possible and have researched.

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