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Playing tic, tac, toe - Good Clean Fun

Taking supplements should be individualized and strategic.

Every day I get asked about my supplement routine. I just updated it a couple of weeks ago and you can access it right here.

My Supplement Routine at 56 Years Young.

My number one supplement advice?

Start with your nutrition and hydration. Focus on eating clean, nutritious foods that give your body the fuel and nourishment to walk through life feeling and looking your best.

You can't cover up a bad diet with a bunch of supplements.

Your health sovereignty has never been more important than right now.

You are meant for wellness and health. Love and light. Freedom and sovereignity. Super simple really.

Make your daily choices count. With every healthy habit you put into place you are looking out for your future self. If you are one like many who are always on the run, never making time for yourself, eating on the go, then you need to supplement because I can tell you right now YOU are not eating clean and healthy on a regular basis.

I know I was there once. There are still days I am there, life, gets busy and days or full...

Just throwing this info out there like a game of tic, tac, toe.

Why compare it to tic tac toe- ?- some may be asking?

Tic, tac, toe can have many endings, just like your health.

Your health is a learning strategy. Understanding differentiation. Adaptation, Learning your body. Listening too.

Learning. Engagement. Focusing. Developing. One has to have the capacity to seek, understand and act on, one's own health!

It is very important to keep up with your vitamins and minerals right now.... especially C, Magnesium, D, Selenium, Quercetin and some may what to take NAC

Zinc, Quercetin and D3/K2 are all anti parasitics.

Stay the course w/ them.

Don't forget Ashwaganda. And a good probiotic that doesn't need refrigeration! Taken at bedtime when stomach is emptiest and it can do what it's made to do. Just like a good plant based Omega.

Lemon water or apple vinegar water first thing in the morning with glass of water. Powdered greens (1 tsp) , Hemp oil (good squirt) and Beet root powder (1 tsp.) are three of my additives to my morning tea or coffee. An earthy cup in the am to start the day!

Some others you may want to look into adding: iodine and/or Silver. I love my Silver!! With Silver 1 tsp 2x a day.

Then there's: fulvic acid, humic acid, or shilajit - I prefer shilajit. Comes in powder, liquid or capsule. I chose shilijit because of my education background in Ayurveda healing. I don't take it everyday because I know what increased minerals do for and to me. As with any supplement it is a learning game. Learn your body. Learn your response to supplements just like with the foods you eat everyday. Everyone has different likes and opinions on which acid is right for them, it's a choice. Many don't use it or have even ever heard of it...Something to look into.

My favorite 'herbs', minerals, and vitamins, are changed up every so often too, just like with anything-swapping out brands- stopping some a few days to reset the body- can help with some I speak of. Everyone's needs are different too, since we are all unique bio-individuals! So lets chat and get you started on your way to healing and overall health.

Side note: Stay on a regular dosing for an everyday regimen. If ill or feeling like your are coming down with something or have been exposed to something like a virus, then increase dosing for 7-10 days. Reach out for numbers-I will share the daily ui's and mg's. Some may want to add a nebulizer; food grade hydrogen 3% . Use 1 part to 2 part distilled water. For others use NAC if already not on it, Then there's Echinacea to build immune stronger and increase water intake. Rest but don't become a couch potato or lay down flat-lay elevated or to ones side to keep lungs clear. Mullein extract in tea is great choice for lung and breathing issues. The some use and have great results with long Pine needle tea. But remember some of these I mention are for temporary use not as an every regimen!

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