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Holistic medicine & the process... a short version

I've come to understand that true healing isn't just about targeting symptoms—it's about nurturing the entire being. Holistic healing is a commitment to the complexity of individuality, recognizing that each person's journey to health is as unique as their fingerprint. It's not just about the physical; it's about weaving together the mental, emotional, and spiritual threads that make up the mosaic of life.

In my practice, I've seen how a personalized approach can make all the difference. Thinking about the 'System' It's not just about isolated symptoms. Everything is connected. A problem in one area can affect the whole. By trying to address the 'Root cause' by digging deeper, we can find the underlying issues that contribute to illness, aiming to restore balance and not just mask symptoms.

Most of us are familiar with the standard approach to medicine. If you feel sick, your doctor asks you about your symptoms, makes a diagnosis, and prescribes a treatment to make those symptoms go away. Hopefully, you feel better, but whatever is causing those symptoms is often left unaddressed.

I can't repeat this enough... Those of us who practice holistic medicine recognize that wellness isn't just about suppressing symptoms, but identifying and healing fundamental dysfunctions within our bodies that may be making us sick. We look at the bigger picture of healing: one that wants to help you recover from disease, not just manage it. We dig deeper and try to get to the root cause. In doing so as a holistic healer and drugless practitioner, I will use a wide array of healing techniques, including but not limited to lifestyle changes, nutrition, herbs, oils, supplementation and more. I also make an effort to really get to know my clients, as truly understanding each person's health history is a key part of treatment. Which is why natural healing takes time and patience on the client side and why adding new client appts are far and few between. Most appts are booked out for months unless a cancellation comes up, in which is where I try to fill in new client consultations or healing modality sessions.

What is always available are the products from my apothecary cabinet under The Local Apothecary. All are made with medicinal benefits in mind . Available to everyone not just clients. Currently available now: Oil blends for topical use and diffuser use, Supplements, Soaps- bar, and liquid (made for body and hair) and Soap bags- small & large available, bath salts, lotions, body butters, beard oils, boo-boo cream, bamboo salt jars and Madagascar Vanilla & Star Anise Extracts. All products are made in small quantities and have medicinal benefit(s). The goal to many apothecary items made begins externally.

What we use on our skin as well as take and use internally, has a profound impact on our overall wellbeing. It's a great place to begin -Just email or call if interested.

In my business, I want to offer you better outcomes than more traditional Western medicine can sometimes provide. In almost all cases, I do this by really getting to know your specific health history: exploring all the stress points in your body and life and how they could be coming together to make you sick. This systemic perspective is at the heart of natural medicine. I also normally also typically work with a wide range of treatment tools, drawing from evidence-informed practices both timeless and modern as well many ancient and have been practiced for centuries.

Holistic healing medicine recognizes that seeing you & your body as a united whole is essential to healing. As I say; Mind, Body & Spirit.

Many like myself are more interested in root causes than symptoms and diagnosis. The symptoms are a red flag that lets you know something is wrong, but simply treating them usually doesn't fix what's actually going on. Figuring out how your body system is struggling and how to support it often does.

Personally, before I begin I typically start by having you complete a full Health Assessment form to be reviewed before sitting down to discuss with you and talking about your health history. This process can be quite extensive and 'it is not uncommon for a first appointment or consultation to last upwards of 90 minutes. I want to understand as much about you as I can, in order to create a treatment plan that will specifically address exactly what is going on with you and your body.

Follow-up appointments are usually briefer, and aim to assess and adjust your treatment plan as needed. Which can happen frequently in holistic medicine. I may also refer you to another health professional such as a specific specialist, your primary care for blood work, or sometimes even a massage therapist.

You don't have to be sick to see a holistic practitioner. In fact, we can help support your general well-being, offering guidance on nutrition, supplements and other steps, and healing modalities you can take to sustain or boost your wellness. This can improve your physical and mental performance, help you age with greater ease, and otherwise enjoy your body.

Wellness isn't just about having the right blood pressure readings and cholesterol levels, but feeling at ease in your own skin. Because we understand the impact that all aspects of your life can have on your health, and I am motivated to help treat the whole you. I can help you explore how not just your physical, but your emotional, mental and spiritual health can be improved.

In the world of holistic and functional medicine, it's impossible to ignore the profound impact our lifestyle and environment have on our health. Integrative approaches, blending functional and integrative medicine modalities, acknowledge that our daily habits, emotional state, and surrounding world are essential pieces of the wellness puzzle.

I've seen firsthand how the shift toward personalized preventive care is reshaping the healthcare outlook. It's about getting ahead of the game, preventative maintenance, anticipating health issues before they arise. This isn't just about dodging illnesses; it's a complete rethinking of wellness. This isn't just a shift in practice; it's a revolution in thinking. By treating patients as partners, we're building a healthcare system that's not only more effective but also more empathetic. It's about time we moved beyond the one-size-fits-all approach and embraced the complexity of the human condition.

Eventually, this type of medicine will just be considered good medicine.

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