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Here a jab there a jab, Not this gal

Updated: May 4, 2021

So many over the past few months have reached out either by messenger or text, asking me for any information and research on the current unknown jab(s) to share with loved ones who are considering being a part of this global experiment. As it has become increasingly more difficult to share information on social media sites, and takes me quite a bit of time to compile and share via email and/or hard copies by mail to everyone inquiring, A few choose to discuss over phone and or in person but I find the information isn't retained the best it can be because after 400 plus days, since this all began, there is so much information and much needs to be read and reread to understand and be able re-share it. I have added many of my favorite links and resources on this post.

Many of these links have MULTIPLE articles, interviews with biologists, doctors and scientists, my own medical research, studies, the experimental inserts from each jab, legal scholars, a friend who is an advocate for our rights-that has been giving direction since day one to so many, NYS Laws and Mandates (keep in mind that MANDATES ARE NOT LAW) and updated info from VAERS on side effects and deaths which isn't updated daily but weekly, how 5G plays a part, yes~ EMFs, Event 201, the depopulation plan Bill Gates planned, the future planned and written Spars 2025-2028 plandemic, how to detox and build up your immunity, and so much more. I’m sure there’s going to be a couple of sites or articles that are mentioned more than once as it’s such a large compilation of information. More will be added as it is updated and/or changed as well as any New information will be added to this write up as I get it.

Please be patient, if you don't see something for it is a process to share ALL of this and IF YOU Do Not See something You are looking for, Please reach out- I more than likely have it, I just haven't gotten around to adding it here! I try my best to stay on top of it but I am human... YES! , I am human ;)


I am always available to chat either via phone, zoom, messenger (least preferred-since we are monitored) or we can get together for a chat, Mask-less, of course!

If you’re not wanting it but your job is trying to force you, there are links for that as well. Since it is unlawful for any employer to mandate anything that is not law. Same goes for schools and colleges. Some colleges have already placed this in their so called back to school agreements however this too is unlawful and can be fought. I have contact info for legal representation, which many are just waiting to hear from parents and/or individuals wanting to stand up for their civil and constitutional rights! I encourage you to stand up for what is right! Stop being hypocritical in many situations and put your foot down, You are entitled to stand up for your rights as well as the rights of your family, especially the children who have no voice in this all!!

Many experts are saying the damage cannot be undone, and there is no detoxing from this experimental therapy. Especially when you’re dead! However, the more information and studies that are being revealed that were once covered up, there is some light, to be able to help your body overcome more than originally thought by many of us within the medical and holistic fields.

And truly, at this point non compliance has become a moral obligation! Your children and grandchildren will be the ones forced to pay the price for your refusal to stand up and do what is RIGHT. Do not go down quietly.

Bread crumbs follow cant make this shit up!

Blue prints, Countermeasures, Bio-nary weaponry, Nano-bots, Brain bugs Pathogenic Priming

It's all public, they are wargaming this all, you just aren't paying attention!

Isolation to separate us. Don't let it happen!!!

“We all need to to stand up for our rights as business owners, as community members, and as human beings free to live a life of freedom for all.” Tresa Beaver


Helpful links and resources:

*Informed Consent requires a flow of Information:

*No Jab for me:

  1. Demand to speak to the Charge Nurse or Head Doctor.

  2. Ask them to read you the PATIENT’S BILL OF RIGHTS (they should read it to YOU)

  3. Have them repeat this point: “The has a right to refuse a recommend treatment or plane of care… and is STILL entitled to OTHER appropriate care and services

  4. Fill out the NOTICE OF NO CONSENT to issue to those who seek to violate your rights

You may NOT be discriminated against based on your religious beliefs, age, gender, ethnicity or disability. You are PROTECTED by Federal and State Civil Law .

*How to refuse medical intervention ~ No masks, No testing, No experimental jabs~ NO Consent:

Forcing me to take a test is a violation of my privacy rights, protected by the 4th Amendment of the Constitution.

*Bill Gates launches 'Grand Challenge' :

*What is pathogenic priming:

*Letter to your doctor before consenting to the jab:

*Molecular Genetics Expert explains Messenger RNA and RNA vackseens:

*Laws in Your State to protect you from discrimination: Reach out and I will be happy to direct you to your state laws. here are New York's:

*WHY Viruses are Not the cause of disease w/ Dr. Thomas Cowan (Audible):

*LabCorp and FDA say tests Not Accurate:

*Why we should aim for a new normal w/ Dr. Zach Bush:

*Attorney contact info by State: Contact me, I will provide to you for your State.

*WholeHealthNow began a series of free live "FreeCasts" with master homeopaths in January 2004. View our most recent FreeCasts:


*EMF Safeguards and Viral Safeguards:

will be a completely separate blog from this, in which much needed information will be offered to help guide you with boosting your immunity and protecting your self & family from the electric magnetic wavelengths, nanobots, viruses, and more!

*Shedding vs. Transmission:

To be added soon

*Mask wearing and Oxidative Stress:

*more on Masks:

*Legal Scholar; Mary Holland:

*Children's Health Defense:

*CDC Zombie Preparedness ???! CDC releasing articles about Zombie Preparedness...

They claim it to be just a graphic novel, yeah okay...

Ask yourself, Why the Center for Disease would share such information!!! Many want to laugh and make fun of this BUT ~ And why do you think they've done this article??? Think about it... Many who have rec'd the experimental jabs are having moments-zoning out-forgetfulness- ...need I say more?!

*Few important posts (links) I've done on FB:

blIo hgaveb add ed many of my favorite links and resources on this lpost. I have added many of my favorite links and resources on this lopost. I have added many of my favorite links and resources on this logpost. I have added many of my favorite links and resources on this blogpost. I have added many of my favorite links and resources on this blog post.

words of Dr. Zach Bush~

It took a Probiotic Era to convince doctors and consumers that there's such a thing as good bacteria's!

We need an era where many to to come to realize viruses are good for us. There are good viruses. We need this genetic information, without it we can't upgrade our genomes, we can't upgrade our response to a more toxic world.

We need better immune adaptation. How do we do that? We do it thru viral communication, viral interaction, naturally regarding your immune system. It prepares us for the following year of a more toxic world.

With our ancentrial pattern of fight or flight , the paradigm we have as a mind set leads us to a narrative of pandemic proportion - even much so it plays into loss of civil liberties.

~in his own words~watch the video:

...And when you consider this dire fact, the implications should alarm you...

“Studies have suggested that coronavirus vaccines carry the risk of what is known as vaccine enhancement, where instead of protecting against infection, the vaccine can actually make the disease worse when a vaccinated person is infected with the virus. The mechanism that causes that risk is not fully understood and is one of the stumbling blocks that has prevented the successful development of a coronavirus vaccine.

Normally, researchers would take months to test for the possibility of vaccine enhancement in animals. Given the urgency to stem the spread of the new coronavirus, some drugmakers are moving straight into small-scale human tests, without waiting for the completion of such animal tests.

(Even Hotez is raising the red flag)

‘I understand the importance of accelerating timelines for vaccines in general, but from everything I know, this is not the vaccine to be doing it with,’ Dr Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, told Reuters.

Hotez worked on development of a vaccine for SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), the coronavirus behind a major 2003 outbreak, and found that some vaccinated animals developed more severe disease compared with unvaccinated animals when they were exposed to the virus.”

VAERS site shows all REPORTED deaths, hospitalizations, ER visits, anaphylaxis, Bell’s palsy, miscarriages, Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet, heart attacks.... those reported-not all are reported

REPORTED being key word here. And these are only in the US. Doesn't include all those who have died in other countries. * VAERS HHS releases COVID Data weekly, but they are lagging on weekly updates So an update will always lag a week or two behind. When launched:


You are born with God-given rights protected by the United States Constitution.

IF Needed~ Reach out


God created you in His image and you are an image-bearer of God.

“God breathed into man and he became a living soul.”

The Bible says we should stand before God with our faces unveiled.

We are born with God-given rights that the Constitution protects. My prayer is that this card will bless all those who use it and read it.

Do you need a Religious Exemption Information badge as well? - If Needed Reach out

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