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Ready to put castor oil to the test?

Castor Oil the other Holy Grail of Oils

Ditch the myths and see what it can do for your beauty and wellness routine.

If you are to use Castor Oil choose a brand that is Organic, Cold Pressed, and Hexane free.! Cold pressed keeps the vital nutrients in place for use, among others things. Some use expellor pressed- depends on your preference and needs.

I know many that take castor oil internally, but personally do not advise using Castor oil by ingestion because Castor Oil topically penetrates better and deeper than any other oil. You can make your own topical pads as you see everywhere for sale. Making your own you know what the ingredients are !!! Compresses reduce inflammation better than just rubbing into skin for some benefits. If Castor Oil smells (unless you've added essential oils) it is probably rancid-throw it away! I always am mixing my Castor Oil with others things for specific needs so it is moved from container bought in and put in amber bottles.

 For specific benefits like inflammation you can add cayenne or frankincense oil with it to target inflammation better. I will mix castor oil and black seed oil and use in a roll on for pain or inflammation. For constipation you can add a magnesium oil and drop in belly button-called the Petchoti Method. I also suggest using cbd oil this way if you use cbd oil even if using it. I have a write up about the Petchoti Method under the blog-check it out.

 For use on skin for things such as wrinkles, moisturizing on the skin or on your hair I would suggest a brand made for just this or make your own- or reach out, I do have it available upon request-made to order for your medicinal needs in mind.. If interested in brands I use-reach out. I use castor oil on my face, under my eyes but I will add carrot oil or coconut oil-one it makes it less sticky and two these eo's have other medicinal benefits. Another thing to do to make it easier to rub on skin so your not pulling the skin is rub it on while skin is somewhat wet. You can add whatever oil(s) you want to it (just know your source and the benefits) for additional benefits just be careful of ingredients and brands with things that can be hormonal disruptor's (another whole topic!) ...

Castor oil has it's own medicinal benefits so you don't have to add anything to it but it is thick and sometimes easier to put on after taking a shower when wet-not soak n wet just damp after patting down with towel, if you haven't added other oils to thin it out.

There is loads of anecdotal proof of the benefits of using castor oil- I normally don't say there's scientific proof anymore- science has moved in another direction and like using google for info anymore I just don't trust it unless I know my sources aren't bias.

The benefits are but mot limited to:

anti-inflammatory effects

antibacterial and antimicrobial properties

rich in fatty acids so castor oil has moisturizing effects

moisturize your scalp and hair

Some people use it for constipation, dry skin and other skin issues, arthritis, or period cramps, hormonal imbalance...

... and so much more

A few particular essential oils I had mentioned in other write ups that you can add to castor oil for more medicinal benefits were: Frankincense, and Tea tree (one of my 'Go-To's). Not only do they both have anti-inflammatory benefits but anti-microbial.

Frankincense: I usually don't mention specifics but this oil has 'cancer' fighting terpenes as 'stated' by Sloan Kettering themselves and they also stated it can improve the quality of life for those at within end of life care using this oil. However there is mixes studies (you know how I feel about studies or science now)... Place around the area or preferably use the Petchoti Method.- I have read in some medical articles as well as first hand testimonials not to put the oil directly on the tumor or tumor area- I suggest the Petchoti Method. Your body knows what to do with it and where to end the terpenes for healing< our belly button is a vital spot on our bodies to help healing all parts of the body. This oil is an immune boosting oil. Pain and inflammation fighting. Castor oil is a carrier oil and can be mixed with both these oils. 10 drops of the EO to one Tbls of castor oil, Use a few drops in the belly button.

Tea Tree: This particular oil has historical uses (just like the above-which is mentioned in the Bible) . When using it topically mix the same with a carrier oil or castor oil when using.

We have an overuse of antibiotics and I feel it is a health crisis. Everyone runs to the doctor for the littlest things and the drs' are too quick to prescribe antibiotics. Especially when their trusty computer app (similar to Gooogle) doesn't give them an accurate diagnosis they will simply write a script. Overuse creates drug resistance! This means standard treatments no longer work; infections are harder to combat or control; the risk of the spread of the infection to others is increased; illness and hospital stays are longer, with added economic and social costs-and the risk of death is greater.

Tea tree has anti-microbial benefits. Infection and Wound care. Cleaning and Killing germs, rid of fungus, mold gone, acne and dandruff, itchy skin, oral health, deodorizes, and it;s been known to be used for anyone at risk for 'estrogen-dependent cancer.

Tea Tree oil is one I always have and use from my Apothecary cabinet both personally and for clients.

I recommend taking a learning trip- research- for yourself into these essential oils and carrier. Learn about all the medicinal benefits they have. Two essential oils and one carrier oil to have on hand for you and your family. The uses are endless.

As always I am available for questions and help for use and dosage on these and others. Just email me at the Holistic email on this page. In closing I would like to add that

Castor oil isn't as toxic to animals as raw castor beans But if your pet swallows a lot of castor oil, contact your vet immediately to see if they need emergency treatment.

Castor oil has been used for centuries to treat many things if you read into it  - it is even mentioned in "the Book' along with other oils like Myrrh and Frankincense and a few others ;)

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