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How Viruses Work

Please.... if you have ANY desire to learn and actually understand how viruses work, how they "infect", what their life cycle is and what your chances of "contracting" them is...please watch the attached video towards the bottom of this blog. It is explained VERY well and on a layman's term level for those who are not science minded.


But here is my take in my words, first...

A virus, unlike bacteria, is not considered a living organism. They are infectious agents with only a strand of RNA or DNA, depending on the virus, and a protein shell. this protein shell disguises the virus, which tricks your body into thinking it is a nutrient.

They do not reproduce on their own like bacteria do. Viruses, instead, need a host cell that can do the reproducing for them. Like a parasite, they infect healthy cells and use them to reproduce, then destroy them when they are done. Once they enter your healthy cells, the virus can release its genetic information.

Now the host cell is making copies of the virus DNA or RNA instead of the cells own genetic material. After the virus is done reproducing in the cell, it breaks free and uses the membrane of the host cell to travel through yourbody undetected by your immune system.

Eventually your body learns to tell the difference between viruses and healthy cells, and it creates antibodies. Antibodies lead the immune-systems defense in tracking down and identifying the viruses and using agents like white blood cells to wipe them out. The symptoms you experience when fighting a virus can help your body fight the infection(s). For example, fevers happen when your temperature increases to slow the spread of a virus or bacteria. Antibiotics as a whole don't work against viruses so you need to rely on supplements, whole real foods, and your immune system to fight the virus.


As I promised here is a daily preventative protocol, anyone, can use to boost your immune system:

Drink plenty of water, get adequate sleep, don't touch your face, don't drink or smoke too much, get moving, do yoga and or meditate-if possible, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, stress less, and get your daily dose of natural supplements.

Starters: Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Quercetine, a good Omega and/or CBD Oil, and a good Probiotic


Supplements that I use and often suggest to clients depending on each persons needs could include but is not always limited to:

Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, an Omega including and like Hemp Oil, and CBD Oil.

A daily Vitality blend; for cellular strength and immunity- which includes, Cat's Claw, Suma Root, Chaparral,Pau d' Arco, Astragalus, GinLoba.

Quercetin, Probiotic, various teas, a Tumeric blend with black pepper and Bromelain, Colloidal Silver, Echinacea and/or Elderberry, and Resveratrol.

And did you know, many of these supplements help with protection from EMF's :o As well as creating distance, reducing time time, and shielding yourself. This is another write up, to come...


If you have symptoms of a cold and/or virus a few of these supplements, particularly Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D, you want to increase the daily dosage for a 7 day time frame. Then after 7 days back down to your normal daily dosage. make sure you increase your water intake as well.

Remember dosing of any natural supplement is different for each of us based on our current health, and needs since we are unique bio-individuals. Whether it be a preventative maintenance protocol or symptom protocol- I am always here to help, just reach out.

I will stress that the brand and sourcing of supplements make a big difference-you pay for what you get. Watch out for inferior brand names, fillers, artificial colors, sugars (of any kind), hydrogenated oils, and ingredients not necessary in a supplement like magnesium silicate, and titanium dioxide (which use to be in all supplements and still is in many) New research from the University of Massachusetts Amherst is adding weight to a growing body of evidence suggesting the food additive titanium dioxide, also known as E171, can disrupt the gut microbiome, leading to colonic inflammation. A good supplement does not have to break the bank either. You just need to know what to look for and where.


Then research Antoine Bechamp, Claude Bernard and Louis Pasteur... then understand why the medical community would choose to run with the germ theory regardless of whether the terrain theory was proven and admitted it on his death bed..

Germ theory makes them money... terrain theory does not.

And sadly we still see this play out, NOT to our advantage today. That is the basis of allopathic medicine.

It is an amazing lesson in biology.

Many of you may recall me saying that viruses are within us- and this is true for the ones we have been exposed to. Remember, in previous write ups, I spoke about our Innate and Adaptive Immunes LOOK into these more! People get viruses when their body is toxic... in the fall, well people start getting sick after overloading on sugar and carbs while simultaneously depleting essential nutrients that help their body maintain that toxic balance, this tipping the scales of toxicity. This happens throughout the winter and into the spring at different time for different people during that time. That is because as organisms in this world, we are on a detox cycle, just like plants are....this explains that perfectly.

Here is the video- it is called Jeff G. - Viral Misconceptions from you tube

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