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Belly Button & Oil~ two words for your health

Our belly button is considered a powerful energy point. It has the power to influence our health directly. It is also an 'alarm' in some critical health condition. We have whats called PECHOTI behind the belly button. Total numbers of blood veins in our body are the circumference of the earth, in which seventy-two thousand blood veins are attached to this PECHOTI. These veins are connected to the different parts of the body. When the blood does not pass in one of these veins then it dried up, so it is the sign of some serious problem. Belly button detects the dry vein which part of the body is affected.

Before you scoff, there is some science behind the stomach-skin connection.“In Ayurvedic tradition, the navel represents the origin of life, linking mother and child before birth and providing a hub for nutrients to flow between their bodies. In Ayurveda healing they tell us that the body’s center continues to serve as a foundation for balance in adulthood, because of its richness in blood vessels and pathways to the body’s extremities.” The idea is that once inserted into the navel, oil is easily absorbed and effortlessly distributed throughout the body, thanks to through lines formed in its umbilical cord heyday. It is an amazing fact that putting oil on the navel has unbelievable health benefits. In some countries putting oil in the belly button before going to sleep is considered a tradition. When we put oil in the navel, the vein detects and carry oil to affected part of the body. There are no side effects of putting oil in the navel. So make a habit to applying oil in the belly button every night. I do!

Applying oil on the belly button before going to sleep... This became a habit of mine during my Certification course in Ayurveda Healing. So I’m giving you one of my personal healing secrets! It is very beneficial and there are many amazing health benefits of putting oil in the navel and I know I’ve said this more than one, but I will emphasize on something when I know it’s of value to you! The point is, it’s a pretty magical spot. Magical enough to maybe even make your skin glow...Different oils have different efficacies as well! Sourcing of oil(s) is important too, don’t use just any ol’ oil you can from anyplace! Ask me for suggestions~ For example when my joints are hurting and need added relief besides my daily regimen, I use 1 drop olive oil and 1 drop cbd oil. When I want to moisturize my skin I use 1 drop of castor oil and sometimes add 1 drop rosehip. Need more tips? Email me.

I know some are asking why not apply the oil, you know, to your face? Well, I’ve tried many brand name skin products to no avail. Remember I always say unless you try you’ll never know it it’s for you. Not everything works the same way either for everyone. So what did I have to lose?! Being one with sensitive skin I started experimenting with what I had been taught! Did I mention, as we age skin becomes to get stressed out just like the rest of our body, and microbiomes are imbalanced and the last thing my skin needs is to be slathered with another skincare product with no results except wasting money and having break outs! First was for my skin , next was for pain or joint issues then, well let’s just say it works... here's a few good more oils to use but remember many essential oils requires a carrieir oil-NEVER- use an essential oil without proper dilution (I'm here to help, reach out). Remember, diluting essential oils is a must. They are highly concentrated and might irritate your skin. Before using a new oil, test it on a patch of skin to make sure you’re not allergic. Tea tree oil best for infection because it has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties. Another option is mustard oil which also boasts bacteria-fighting abilities. Peppermint or Ginger for stomach ache. Castor oil helps with signs of skin aging. The carrieir oil can be just as beneficial when adding to another oil in which they synergystically work better when combined. Need help ask away but for now I don’t want to give all my secrets away in one write up!

An important factor when applying natural lotions and or oils to our skin whether it's belly button oiling or lotion to our hands, feet, or any external skin part will have amazing benefits. With our skin being our largest organ... huh? What did Kelly just say? Our skin is our largest organ!!! By applying this way the skin allows it to enter the body and bloodstream quickly, bypassing the digestive system where many nutrients, including omega's, essential oils, cbd, and magnesium, can be poorly absorbed.

WOW ~ Awesome, right!!! ,

What you want to do is first, clean your belly button on a regular basis when bathing. The belly button doesn’t get cleaned very often. It can be easy to forget about it! But it’s really embarrassing, so you should clean it regularly. Use a cotton swab and light oils like jojoba, safflower, and grapeseed (which balances the naval). These oils will loosen up dead skin and dirt, making it easier to remove.

Don’t be aggressive with the cotton swab. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of pain or injury. Instead, be gentle when cleaning your belly button.

The belly button or navel is a magical and wonderful part of our body. The main benefit to oiling the belly button is that the navel knows which of our blood vessels is drying, so it gushes out the oil in the same artery. To sum up, the navel is the powerhouse of the body and acts like a doctor in many ways.

Ayurveda healing is all about finding balance within your body, and finding balance within your body looks different for everyone—but to truly find it, you must be consistent with your practice, as with all good things!

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